Ohio CCW Class

10/15/2016: Ohio CCW Class

Class Date/Time

Date - 10/15/2016

8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Crucible Defense Training Geneva
5686 West Maple Road
Geneva, Ohio 44041


Call us at (248) 662-5744

This is the class required to apply for a
Ohio CCW

This course is recognized as the accepted pistol safety training by the State of Ohio to get CCW license.  This is an 8 hour course including range time.

What to Expect In Our
Ohio CCW Class

Ohio CCW Class

Ohio CCW Class on 10/15/2016

8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Total Class Cost: $99

Deposit (required for registration): $20

Balance Due on Day of Class: $79


Bookings are closed for this event.

Students will learn the difference between sighted and unsighted fire, the balance of speed and precision, drawing from the holster, movement out of the line of attack, and the science behind defensive shooting. You will also learn about proper defensive firearms and ammunition, holsters, where and how to store your firearm to maximize access, and will review the State of Ohio laws regarding the Use if Deadly Force and Concealed Carry. If you have been thinking of getting your CCW permit, this is the training you NEED to take to put you on the right path to confidently defending yourself.

  • Hands-on training no matter your skill level or experience
  • Small class sizes (12 maximum)
  • Personal 1 on 1 attention at the gun range
  • Personalized training recommendations
  • Real-life practical examples to deal with threats
  • Patient Instructors

Subjects Covered

  • Choosing defensive firearm
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • Defensive shooting techniques
  • Ohio laws related to concealed carry
  • Difference between calibers
  • How to avoid being a victim
  • Introduction to defensive shooting
  • Shooting positions
  • Cover & concealment
  • Defensive accuracy & accelerated shooting
  • Balance of speed and accuracy

What to Bring to Class

You will need writing pad and pen/pencil and your pistol you intend to use for the range. Your pistol should be in a case and unloaded for transportation in your vehicle and that is how we expect it to be brought into the classroom.  Absolutely no ammunition in class, please. You can use any caliber pistol for this class. Bring any snacks or drinks you may want throughout the day. We do have some pistols available for rent.  If you do not already own a pistol, renting is a great way to find out what you like or what fits your needs best.

  • Pad & Pen
  • Pistol (No Ammunition!)
  • Drinks

What you Need for the Range

You will need a minimum of 100 rounds for your pistol. This does not account for any extra shooting required to be able to complete the course of fire (if needed). You will need to bring safety glasses and hearing protection (electronic preferred so you can hear range commands). You will need to wear seasonally appropriate clothing. Shirts should have a round collar to prevent the unauthorized access of brass into your shirt.

  • Handgun (available for rent)
  • 100 rounds of ammunition (available for purchase)
  • Safety Glasses (available for rent)
  • Hearing Protection (available for rent)


Crucible Defensive Training

290 Marian Lake Blvd
Cuyahoga Falls, OH  44223


7:30am to 5:00pm – Class will start at 7:30am at Tsutomuru Judo Dojo and participants are encouraged to show up about 10 minutes early so everyone is ready to get started on time. The class room portion is 5 hours and we will have several breaks during that time. We will break for lunch at 12:30pm and class will resume at 2:00 at the range. This will provide ample time for participants to get lunch and drive to the range where the rest of the class will be held. The range portion is 3 hours and class will be dismissed at 5:00. Participants will receive the course completion certificate that day.


$118 – Cost of the Class