Crucible Defensive Training

Ohio CHL, concealed carry, advanced pistol and rifle courses

Crucible Defensive Training is about education, pure and simple… Whether it’s firearms, gear, first-aid, or just everyday safety, we rely on proven methods, empirical evidence, scientific research, and logically reasonable information to help you become prepared for the Critical Incident you hope never comes.

The Instructors:

Gabe Atchison is a “former” U.S. Marine with 2d Marine Division, and current Firefighter/Paramedic, with years of experience in marksmanship training, combat arms, Emergency Medical care, and defensive firearms. He is an I.C.E. Training Company Defensive Firearms Coach and holds NRA certifications as a Pistol and Rifle Instructor, as well as a Certified Range Safety Officer.

Tom Dillon is also a “former” U.S. Marine who served with the “Betio Bastards” of 3d Battalion 2d Marines as an 0351 Assaultman and saw heavy operational duty in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. He has extensive experience in training and guiding shooters in Combat Rifle and Pistol skills, Combat Marksmanship, and the realities of living and surviving in a violent world. He is also a Police Officer, an NRA Instructor in both Rifle and Pistol, and a NRA certified Range Safety Officer.

Both men are here to help you learn and grow….

Crucible Defensive Training offers educational courses such as Introduction to Handguns for Home Defense, Concealed Carry Essentials, State of Ohio CCW training, Everyday First-Aid, Basic/Advanced Carbine Employment, and basic firearms familiarization instruction to ALL levels of shooters, from novice to expert.

Give us a call or drop us an email if you would like more information on course availability, or even if you just need a question answered. For us, it is all about you, the student.

Come find YOUR “metal” in the Crucible…